Afrimma 2023 Highlight and Interviews

Welcome to AFRIMMA Awards – a vibrant celebration where the diverse melodies of Africa weave together in a tapestry of rhythm and soul. We transcend boundaries, honouring the rich spectrum of musical genres that pulse through the continent’s veins, from the infectious energy of Afrobeats to the soulful whispers of Lingala, the pulsating rhythms of Assiko, the intricate melodies of Bongho, the energetic beats of Cecale, the captivating grooves of Funana, the electrifying energy of Genge, and the timeless charm of Highlife. At AFRIMMA, we recognize and celebrate the artistic brilliance that defines African music, amplifying its voice on a global stage.

In a world captivated by the captivating sounds of Africa, AFRIMMA serves as a pivotal platform, uniting influential artists from every corner of the continent for a night of musical excellence and shared passion. Our mission is to champion and showcase the incredible diversity of African music, fostering a sense of unity and pride among artists and fans in the diaspora. From music enthusiasts to industry professionals and cultural aficionados, our ceremony attracts a vibrant community bound by a love for the ever-evolving landscape of African music.

As the #1 portal for contemporary African music, African Muzik Magazine’s digital assets play a crucial role in giving voice to the continent’s passionate and vibrant artists. Our journey began in 2014 with the inaugural African Music Magazine Awards show (AFRIMMA) in Dallas, Texas. Since then, we’ve consistently celebrated the richness of African music and culture, featuring internationally celebrated artists who have left their indelible mark on the global music scene.

Crossing boundaries and bridging continents through music for the past decade has been no small feat. The remarkable growth of African music is a testament to the dedication and talent that pulsates within the industry, and AFRIMMA is proud to be a part of its vibrant heartbeat.

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